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Mario Malacrinò

Is an Artist based in Italy/Piedmont/Turin/Casaslborgone

I was born in Chivasso on 12/09/1974 Province of Turin, in
Piedmont I live with my partner and two dogs in the beautiful countryside of Casalborgone, on the hill inside a large wood called "Bosc Grand". This is where I paint and work, and I try to express my deep, excited, moved experience in the joy of art.
I attended the first artistic high school in Turin, and later the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin where I was reborn.
And since I am in love with all the art I have available, I love minimalist music, and I often paint listening to it.
If I were to write all the artists I love this introduction would become a novel.
Everything I express is concrete, real, sincere, excited, true
I'm not afraid to be who I am, I'm afraid not to be enough ..


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